Media Designers speak at TEDx Bodensee

Media design alumni Nico Bernklau and Tobias Müller will be speaking at this year’s TEDx Bodensee on 13 October 2018. In line with the theme of the conference “beyond borders”, they will be presenting their /a> award-winning thesis “illitera”, which explores the limitations of illiteracy, type design and social design processes.

TEDxBodensee – beyond borders – is dedicated to the new beyond our limitations. The event aims to provide space for questions that help us overcome borders and describe new groundbreaking ideas.
TEDxBodensee is about inspiration and exchange at eye level. Besides the Live-TEDxBodensee-Talks and the TED-Video-Talks, participants have the chance to engage in further discussion over a snack and drink.

The TEDx Lake Constance will take place on 13.10.2018 as a “pop-up conference” on the ferry Euregia between Friedrichshafen (D) and Romanshorn (CH). Start 12:20 (departure in Romanshorn) and 13:20 (departure in Friedrichshafen).

TEDx Lake Constance

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