2016 Project Motion Design 4th semester
Students: Jana Lenhard, Victoria Sandvoß, Christopher Vogt
Tutors: Prof. Klaus Birk, Prof. Herbert Moser, Jürgen Bretzinger, Jens Dobbers, Mark Gläser

Animation films – the classic short ones – get to the point quickly. There have always been alternatives to the visual and narrative opulence coming from Hollywood: cartoons that deal with an idea – using seemingly simple means for the difficult questions of life.
“Winfried” asks the question of making the right decisions in life – by sketching out the character’s whole life in just under 4 minutes. The search for personal happiness as an odyssey. A classic.

Awards & Screenings

  • Abgedreht Festival 2016 – Gewinner Animationsmuse
  • Screening_016 Koblenz — medien.rlp Preis
  • Visionale Hessen — 2. Platz
  • Jung und abgedreht 2016 Hanau – 1.Platz Young Professionals
  • Feel The Reel International Film Festival Glasgow
  • 2016 Wellington Student Film Festival, Florida — Honorbale Mention
  • Animation Nights, New York — 2x Nominations
  • Animation Marathon Greece — Official Selection
  • World International Film Festival — Official Selection
  • Berlin Student FilmFestival: Jurors Choice Award — Semi Finalist
  • Berlin Student FilmFestival: Animation Award — Official Selection
  • Berlin Student FilmFestival: Comendy Award — Official Selection
  • Jose Francisco Rosado, Spain — Official Selection
  • Open World Animation Festival, Pennsylvania — Official Selection
  • Skepto International Film Festival, Italy — Official Selection
  • backup Festival, Weimar — Official Selection
  • Proto&Co&Bro, Paris — Semi Finalist