What’s left? The critique of digital life in hyper-digital music videos

Freitag, 05. Mai 2017, Filmscreening “What’s left? The critique of digital life in hyper-digital music videos” beim Internationalen Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart, 22:00 Uhr, Kino Metropol 2, Stuttgart.
Curated by Holger Lund

How to deal with digitalization? Several aesthetic developments have emerged over the past few years in the laboratory called music video. Videos show tendencies to avoid the look of the digital by going analog and retro, or, just the opposite, they are stressing the fact of digital artificiality, exposing and over-affirming it by being hyper-digital.
Hyper-digital music videos have not only shown and praised the potential and power of the digital, but they have shown how the digital infects our lives, our conditions of living, our identity, making the digital and its effects on our lives the main subject itself.

The film screening has been developed in 2016 connected to the research for two lectures in Porto, Portugal, at the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto | School of Fine Arts – University of Porto as well as at the ISMAI – Instituto Superior da Maia, presented by Ana Carvalho.

A cooperation between the ITFS and the DHBW Ravensburg.