Command E – Gestalten & Haltung

Command E – Gestalten & Haltung

Gestaltung & Konzept: Carina Riedl, Hannes Drissner, Vanessa Kuhfs, Lena Seifert, Miriam Fischer, Alexander Legath
Produktion: Dr. Gwen Rabenstein, Druckerei Stein GmbH, Kurse MD16B
Betreuung, Redaktion & Konzept: Prof. Andrea Hennig, Johannes Müllerleile, Prof. Dr. Markus Rathgeb, Maike Strothmann

“Command E – Gestaltung und Haltung” is the 2nd edition of our course magazine. The issue focuses on „Social Design“, claims that design should always contribute to the wellbeing of the environment and society … and results from collaboration and exchange of many different people. That’s why different stakeholders illuminate the issue: students, alumni, lecturers, professors or corporate partners. All the 500 uniques have been developed and produced resource-savingly by students during their seminars. Waste paper and old company brochures have been overprinted in screenprint and have been upcycled. The magazine has been financed solely by sponsoring:

CHG Meridian, Erwin Hymer Group, Kreissparkasse Ravensburg, Schwäbisch Media, Ravensburger, Bausch Entsorgungsunternehmen, Reisch Bau, Reischmann, Schmieder, Traumhochzeit Bodensee and Vetter Pharma International.

We already work on the next issue “transformation”. If you want to take part, you can send an e-mail to:

First issue “Command E – Prozess–Ergebnis”