Vielleicht. (Maybe.)

2017, Motion Design Project Semester 4
Students: Lena Schell, Sophia Stöhr, Hanna Viellehner
Tutors: Prof. Dr. Klaus Birk, Jürgen Bretzinger, Jens Dobbers, Thomas Sali

We – also known as the „Generation Y“ – are characterized by the avoidance to decide and the disability to handle the amount of possibilities we have.
Maybe, Perhaps and possibly. Are these words making our life really that easy?

Awards & Publications
  • Deutscher Jugendfilmpreis 2018 – Award
  • FiSH Filmfestival im Stadthafen Rostock 2018 – Nomination
  • abgedreht! Kurzfilmfestival 2017 – Nomination