Die Tür

  • Felix Buhler
  • Bachelor thesis, Graphic, Transmedia
  • Supervisors:Prof Herbert Moser, Prof Dr Holger Lund, Florian Tscharf, Christian Mariacher

“The Importance of the Banal – The Door” is a graphic approach to an object we deal with every day in different ways: we walk through it, we decorate it, we make it safe and secure, we slam it shut. The door and its meanings. The work consists of ten posters in standard door format 1×2m. These posters are presented in stacks and changed from time to time to “open a new door” again and again. Each motif is based on text fragments from different sources. Sometimes they are metaphors, sometimes curious happenings at doors, sometimes simply descriptions of their formal properties. The ten posters are part of a series of 56 others shown in an accompanying white book. Also, the book does not close completely, but is always open a crack, like some doors do. The white, sensitive paper picks up on the aspect of daily use. After a while it gets dirty and shows signs of use, like a door that has been opened many times.



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