Admissions Procedure

There are six steps to registering with the department of Media Design at the Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education.


General or Subject-Specific University Entrance Qualification

Prerequisite for entrance to the Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education is the completion of secondary studies qualifying the individual to study at university (Abitur in Germany). Under certain conditions, however, students can also be admitted with other secondary school qualifications. For more information, please visit


Application to a Partner Company

Applications are made directly to the partner company. This can be a company that already cooperates with Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education or with the department of Media and Design and is included on the current list of companies. It is also possible to apply to a company that is willing to sign a training contract and become a dual-study partner for the first time. This can include partnerships with advertising agencies, graphic design studios, media companies, publishing houses, and radio and television companies, as well as companies with their own graphic design departments. Business directories (e.g., dmig) and trade websites (e.g., GWA, ADC, BVDW and DDV) may help prospective students locate a suitable company. Job offers are posted on our facebook fan page. Our Pre College Media supports the application process and the creation of a personal design portfolio.


Reservation of a Place on the Course

After the prospective student has identified a partner company, the company can reserve a spot in the program. This can be done by phone or by writing directly to the Media Design office.


Signing of Training Contract

After both parties have agreed to work together, the training contract between the partner company and the applicant is signed. Among other things, this contract governs weekly working hours, salary, and vacation entitlement.


Submission of Registration Documents

All registration documents must be filed with the Media Design Office. These documents include: the original training contract, a certified copy of the student’s A-level results/high school diploma/equivalent, a CV/resume, two photographs, and, if applicable, a certificate from a vocational or technical school confirming the student’s academic ability.


Admission to Course

If the above conditions are fulfilled and all the required documents have been submitted to the Media Design office, the student will be admitted. The student will receive confirmation of admission and enrollment, which is effective as of October 1, the official start of the course.