Helping Hands

  • Christian Sobeck
  • Bachelor thesis, Graphic, Transmedia
  • Supervisors:Prof Andrea Hennig, Andreas Koop, Christine Meder, Nadine Koop

Helping Hands introduces medical professionals to German Sign Language and creates understanding for the difficulties of deaf people in a medical context. The use of the manual, communication cards, Android app, whiteboard and pen enables communication between deaf people and healthcare professionals.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, in 2018 there were around 300,000 people living in the Federal Republic of Germany who are permanently impaired due to hearing loss or deafness. When deaf people come into contact with hearing people, there are different ways of communicating. Besides written communication, they often lip-read what is being said in a conversation. At the same time, only about 30% of the content of the conversation can really be grasped through the mouth image; further content must be inferred from the context. Deaf people find lip-reading very tiring.

The media-specific concept focuses on subject-specific and applied vocabulary. The signs are not only learned, but actively used. At the same time, “Helping Hands” creates instant and non-verbal communication between patients and healthcare professionals through pointing cards, app, board and pen.


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