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One study - one family

Media design at DHBW Ravensburg not only is a degree programme, but an attitude. Over three years, our students grow into a creative environment that is very intense and demanding, yet at the same time very familiar and characterised by mutual support.

We spend a lot of time together, on and offline, in design projects and design seminars, in workshops and labs, in the studio, or for parties in the infamous “Mr. Pink”. We appreciate the direct contact at eye level, with professors, lecturers, professionals from the field, and of course the MD alumni. If you study Media Design, Ravensburg will become your second family – even after graduation…

Our study programme is characterised by individual support and personal contact. Students meet regularly with professors and lecturers and present their interim results in consultations, workshops and presentations. There are lectures, but also, for example, classical drawing courses, collaborative seminar work, technical software courses in the labs or cinema screenings.

Our Atelier studio building is the creative hotspot of the degree programme: here, away from the lecture schedule, media design students enjoy a working environment open for teamwork. After the official lectures, on studio days and – actually – in every spare minute, ideas are developed, sketched, modelled and printed here. Intellectual freedom for innovation, around the clock.

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Buildings, laboratories and workshops

While Studying Media Design at the DHBW, the core city of Ravensburg is your campus. The home of our degree programme is a historic former theatre building in Marktstraße, between the art museum and galleries.

The study ambience is unique – the late Renaissance building is equipped with flexible and state-of-the-art seminar rooms and labs, as well as a hall for lectures and exhibitions. In the immediate vicinity you will also find other DHBW facilities such as a TV/radio studio, or the Atelier Casino with print workshops and media lab as well as work spaces for our students. All facilities are located within close walking distance.

Good design is teamwork – that’s what we firmly believe in our programme. Our design-oriented project study programme enables students to learn about and develop their individual focal points and skill sets in the field of design and media in collaborative processes with fellow students. In our analogue and digital media labs, you can deepen your practical knowledge. Our lab engineers and workshop directors provide help and expertise. There are even opportunities to contribute your own knowledge and skills, for instance as a specialized student tutor.

Altes Theater, Marktstraße

A creative study concept needs flexible spaces. Whether design seminars, film screenings or public exhibitions – our building in Marktstraße (Altes Theater) provides spatial conditions for all these formats.

The old theatre building (Altes Theater) is our base. In addition to the large lecture hall, the main seminar rooms as well as project spaces and Mac labs for our programme are situated here.

Additionally, the building is home to staff offices for Media Design and its programme coordinators.

  • The Media Design Office
  • The programme management
  • Lecturers’ Offices
  • Lab engineers und course manager
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Atelier Casino

Atelier Casino, Schussenstraße

Design processes need space for exploration. In our studio building near the train station, students have the opportunity to set up workspaces and meet in their project teams, away from lecture schedules and events. In addition to workspace infrastructure, the main print workshop and our MotionLab are also based here.

Print workshop

Print workshop

The Atelier Casino is home to our comprehensively equipped print workshop, offering diverse hands-on printing and binding processes as seminars. In addition to artistic printing processes such as etching, large-format screen printing processes as well as classic lead type/letterpress printing are possible here. Our bookbinding seminars are also taking place in these premises. During open printing sessions offered several times throughout a semester, students are welcome to print and/or bind their own work under the guidance of experienced staff.

Digital Motion Lab

Digital MotionLab

Our MotionLab is also located in the Atelier studio building in Schussenstraße. As a flexibly usable unit, it serves both as a studio for photography, film and animation and as a laboratory for experimental formats from the fields of VR simulation, motion tracking, physical computing and 3D printing. Students can rent professional equipment for photography and film and XR productions via the rental system connected to the MotionLab.

People and network

We are convinced that there is more to studying in a degree programme than just collecting ECTS points. Studying is about people. It is about new perspectives opening up through discourse and exchange.

Our faculty and staff are all proven experts in their fields and have extensive experience in academic teaching. At the same time, you benefit from the closeness and family spirit in our study programme. You get to know and appreciate each other very quickly. Ideal conditions for your future professional network.


External lecturers

In the Media Design degree programme, we cooperate with an international network of outstanding designers, academics and industry experts. In addition to our full-time staff, our students get to know leading experts from the creative industries: from network agency CCOs to hip digital design studios, from book authors and film directors to the “tour artist” of the Prince of Wales. They all enjoy coming to Ravensburg and are convinced by our study programme.

  • Barbara Ehrmann

    Artist and painter, Ravensburg

  • Benji Wiedemann

    CEO WiedemannLampe, London

  • Carina Lühr

    Director of product design – SinnerSchrader, Munich

  • Dagmar Reiche MA

    Intermedia designer, physician, Lindau

  • Dennis Straub

    Creative coder and founder AFKM, Berlin

  • Dr Florian Härle

    Lecturer in art and design history, curator, Stuttgart

  • Dr Gwendolyn Rabenstein

    Lecturer for screenprinting theory and practice, Rottweil a. N.

  • Dr Rainer Utz

    Partner Hotz.Utz Lawyers
    Lecturer for media & intellectual property rights law

  • Dr. Ilonka Czerny

    Head of the Art Department of the Academy of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart

  • Fabian Karrer

    Studio Erika, graphic design and sparkles

  • Florian Tscharf

    Director, video artist, Berlin

  • Frederic Lezmi

    Photographer and book designer, Cologne

  • Jake Garfield

    Printmaker, artist; Royal Drawing School, London

  • Jens Schmidt

    Freelance creative director, founder Moccu, Berlin

  • Jonas Niedermann MA

    Typography and graphic design, Studio Niedermann, St. Gallen

  • Jürgen Bretzinger

    Director TV/Film, screen writer

  • Kai Büschl

    Type and typography. Founder Lazydogs Typefoundry and BureauB, Munich

  • Kiana Naghshineh

    director, concept artist and animator, Stuttgart

  • Lena Koop MA

    Lecturer in graphic design, designer at VAUDE and, Konstanz

  • Maggie Jennings

    Printmaker, artist; Royal Drawing School, London

  • Maik Fahldieck

    Founder & CEO Taikonauten, Berlin

  • Maike Strothmann

    Media designer, interior designer, Konstanz
    Branding, editorial design

  • Marcus Watta

    Musician, visual artist; Winterthur, CH

  • Marcus Witte

    3D visualization, scenographic experience, photography & film

  • Mark Gläser

    CEO, Group.IE, Frankfurt

  • Michael Cede

    Musician, architect; Innsbruck (A)

  • Miriam Rein MA

    Communication Designer, Munich

  • Mona Bianca Dürer

    Freelance media designer, Master's student in Design & Information, Bad Salzschlirf/Würzburg

  • Moritz Kathe MA

    Digital & motion design, Friedrichshafen

  • Patrik Ferrarelli MA

    Research associate & director PosterLab ZHdK, Zurich

  • Paul Brenner

    Creative lead,, Berlin/London

  • Prof Betty Schimmelpfennig

    Partner & creative director Elastique., Cologne

  • Prof Eckehard Rocholl

    Lecturer for industry-based PM projects
    Media design, 3D design, scenography

  • Prof Martin Hesselmeier

    Light art and interaction, Cologne. Digital media design, HBK Essen

  • Prof Simon Gallus

    Intermedia design HfK+G, Ulm. Founder 2einhalb Studio for Communication

  • Renate Liebel

    Fine arts, visual arts, Stuttgart

  • Roland Stieger

    Typographic designer, founder TGG St Gallen

  • Sandra Hess

    User Experience Designer, Virtual Identity, Munich

  • Shoko Hara

    Motion director, Stuttgart

  • Steffen Vetterle

    Creative director, conceptual designer, scenographer and brand consultant

  • Stephan Kurz

    User Experience Designer, Google, Zürich

  • Stephanie Müller MA

    Approaching design through iconic research and methods

  • Thomas Sali MA

    Director digital animation & VFX, Stuttgart

  • Ulrich Julius Jassniger

    Brand & identity, founding partner d-werk, Ravensburg

  • Uwe Schneider

    Copywriter and Creative Director, Stuttgart

  • Valentin Fischer MA

    Strategist & designer – Intuity Media Lab, Stuttgart

  • Valentin v. Uslar-Gleichen

    Art Director at AHA Factory, Weil am Rhein

  • Victoria Salley

    Art historian, publishing editor, Buchwerk Munich

  • Vivien Sigmund

    Art educator, copywriter, editor, Stuttgart

Hybrid formats

Even in times of online/offline teaching, we use our international network and offer distance formats such as workshops and project reviews with various experts from the field.

Hybrid Desk

Activities and events

Design should never be an ivory tower. For us, design means bringing ideas into the world – and thus stimulating discussion. The Media Design programme cultivates discourse across a wide range of event formats, from private-view film screenings to panel discussions, studio visits with international design icons to public exhibitions and degree shows. Our design degree is one that deserves the name.

Cultural events

As a central location in Ravensburg’s Museumsquartier, the degree programme is firmly anchored in the cultural network of the local and regional creative scene.

Lecturers and students regularly organise readings, film screenings or exhibitions in our premises at Altes Theater.

Lunchtime Talks & Play Sessions

An integral part of our public programme are the regular Lunchtime Talks with experts from design, art, culture and science, organised by Prof. Dr. Klaus Birk and current students.

In an informal setting over lunch, the format provides opportunities for talk and exchange with renowned representatives from the contemporary design scene and its many exciting border areas.

Our Play Session format has also established itself over the past few years as an evening screening and discussion platform for media cultural analyses and publications, e.g. from the fields of music video, pop history or audiovisual cultures in an international context.

The Play Sessions are curated by Prof. Dr. Holger Lund and students.

Atelier Sessions

Atelier Sessions

The ATELIER SESSIONs are a self-initiated collaborative project by our Media Design students. Since 2010, our media design students have established a self-initiated platform for personal presentations, workshops and events on design, art and culturally related topics. Current sessions will be announced via social media.



Thinking outside the box is a central element to creative work. Regular study trips and excursions to places and personalities of our time that are relevant to design form an important component of the degree programme. In the past, there have been trips to partner universities, design offices and authors in cities such as Barcelona, Lisbon, London and Istanbul. The students are actively involved in the thematic development and organisation of these study trips.

Degree Shows

Media design exhibition

Every September, we celebrate the department’s design event of the year: the Media Design degree show “Werkschau Mediendesign”. Over the course of several days, the Altes Theater, together with various other cultural venues in Ravensburg, opens to the public an is becoming an exhibition venue and hot spot for design students, creative agencies, lecturers and alumni.


Conferences and symposia

The degree programme regularly hosts top-class specialist events and conferences. For instance, the symposium series “Design (of) the Future” and the “Gender Tech Gap Symposium” with associated workshops and exhibitions are examples of the international research networking taking place in our degree programme.