• Nicolas Bernklau, Tobias Müller
  • Bachelor thesis, Graphic, Transmedia
  • Supervisors:Prof Dr Klaus Birk, Prof Betty Schimmelpfennig, Prof Martin Hesselmeier, Thomas Sali MA

No other group of people is as far removed from typography as illiterate people. To build a bridge between basic education and design, we interviewed experts in these fields and went in search of illiterate people to design letters with them in creative workshops. The overarching goal is to reduce people’s fear of writing. The interface of both worlds is formed by typefaces that were brought to life and developed by us in workshops, continued as typographic posters by designers from all over the world and finally brought together in a book.

The entire spectrum of all created typefaces, posters and podcasts can be discovered on our website

Support: Arthelps e.V., Volkshochschule Stuttgart, Technische Akademie Schwäbisch Gmünd, Metapaper & DCT GmbH

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