• Mona Bianca Dürer
  • Bachelor thesis, Graphic, Transmedia
  • Supervisors:Prof Herbert Moser, Prof Dr Holger Lund, Florian Tscharf, Christian Mariacher

Bungling is ugly! – The ixen brand has made it its business to disprove this prejudice.
A twelve-piece carpet collection quotes a wide variety of street sections and thus stages Germany’s own street botch aesthetic. Like every botch, every carpet is unique and elaborately handmade. The idea of using manual work and thus the potential botch-up is continued in the analogue corporate design.
The result is an honest design without frills that makes human activity visible and declares the botch to be a form-giving and versatile design element.
The aim of this work is to provide a differentiated view of botches and to make use of the aesthetics inherent in botches.

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