• Julia Raschke
  • Bachelor thesis, Graphic
  • Supervisors:Prof Herbert Moser, Prof Dr Holger Lund, Florian Tscharf, Fabian Karrer

“I’ll be careful!”, “The pill is the safest contraceptive!”, “Condoms tear really quickly!” and what was that diaphragm again? We live in a time when it has never been easier to gain access to sexual content. At the same time, there are huge knowledge gaps when it comes to contraception and contraceptive methods! K(L)ITORIS is an entertaining toolkit for game nights that clears up prejudices and half-knowledge. Diaphragms, IUDs and the like can be learned about both haptically and in terms of content. And don’t worry: sex education was yesterday! With K(L)ITORIS, even the most beautiful secondary matter is fun!

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