• Emmie Braun, Justus Jäger, Sascha Kölbl und Hannes Wessbecher
  • 5th semester, Transmedia
  • Supervisors:Prof Andrea Hennig, Prof Dr Markus Rathgeb, Maike Strothmann, André Apel, Patrik Ferrarelli MA

Germany’s major cities are becoming increasingly dense. Nevertheless, there are a number of brownfields in every city. This underutilized land should have a lasting benefit for people and the surrounding neighborhood.

The solution is the non-profit association Mehr.Raum, which acts as a link between property owners, city authorities and residents. Mehr.Raum is a platform that engages people from the beginning to build communities around these unused spaces. We do not design spaces. We give people all the tools to do it themselves, and make the spaces accessible as quickly as possible.

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