Somnor VR

  • Annalena Greger, Saara Neumüller, Julia Sonnleitner, Vera Walter
  • 3rd semester, Interaction
  • Supervisors:Prof Dr Klaus Birk, Prof Mathias Hassenstein, Maik Fahldieck, Jens Schmidt

“SOMNOR” is a Virtual Reality (VR) Escape Room in which the player has to escape from a nightmare. The basis is the dream theory according to C. G. Jung. The player falls asleep, immerses himself in a dark and unknown world and must master various dream islands. In the process, he is confronted with his greatest fears. At the same time, he has to solve puzzles with logical thinking. The aim of the game is to leave the Escape Room, escape the darkness and wake up in the real world again.

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