From 22 – 24 June 2018 the Bundes.Festival.Film. presented the best productions from the federal competitions German Youth Film Award and German Generation Film Award at Thega Filmpalast in Hildesheim. As an intergenerational film forum, the Bundes.Festival.Film. is one of Germany’s largest and most renowned festivals for filmmakers of all ages.

In both of these competitions, two films from our DHBW Media Design Department were awarded prizes!

In the national competition German Youth Film Award 2018 on the annual theme “We must talk” the animated short film “Vielleicht. (Maybe.)” won one of two awards and a prize money of 500 euros. The work of Hanna Viellehner, Sophia Stöhr, Lena Schell addresses a decisive characteristic of the Generation Y: their inability to decide. So many possibilities! So many decisions to be made! So maybe postpone the decision for now?

At the German Generation Film Award 2018 the animated film “Aye Aye!” by Aruna Gallas, Julia Maier, Majda Sehovic was also celebrated with an award in the category “Intergenerational” and rewarded with 500 euros. The semester project deals imaginatively with the inner world of dementia patients: Jonte is a retired sailor suffering from dementia. The animated short film shows what happens in his head when the simplest things suddenly become a problem.

The German Youth Film Award is a nationwide forum for film productions by children, young people and young adults. The competition has been announced since 1988 and, with more than 600 entries per year, is one of the events with the highest coverage of its kind. The German Generational Film Award has been a platform for filmmakers of different generations since 1998. All topics, genres and forms of implementation are in demand. The Generation Film Award promotes the creativity of older people and presents their productions to the public. It offers young filmmakers a forum for the topics of age and aging.
The Bundes.Festival.Film. is the annual highlight of both competitions. They are organised and carried out on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth by the German Film Centre for Children and Youth (KJF). They are each independent competitions, but brought together in a joint closing event at the Bundes.Festival.Film.

Congratulations to all winners!