Expect unexpected music from the 1960s and 1970s, mixing Western and Eastern elements, remapping your knowledge of pop music along the way. Hear Italian shouters, East-European freak beat, Anatolian rock, Kurdish spiritual pop, Uzbek folk pop, Pakistani soundtracks, Nepalese folk beats, Mongolian pop, Indian Bollywood scores, Malaysian rock’n’roll, Philippine surf pop, Singaporean dream pop and many sounds more — for all lovers of the danceable, the mind-expansive, and the sure-fire hits.

DJ Info:
Holger Lund works as an art and design scientist as well as a curator and DJ. Since 2011 he is professor for media design (DHBW Ravensburg). He also runs the vinyl label Global Pop First Wave (http://corvorecords.de/global-pop-first-wave/). Together with Cornelia Lund, he has been running the media art and media design platform fluctuating images e.V. since 2004. (www.fluctuating-images.de).

He will use the opportunity to present his new record. This will be released in the fall of 2016. Information about this is available at http://corvorecords.de/global-pop-first-wave/the-trip-IV