“The world through my eyes” is the name of the student work presentation that will be shown in the foyer of the Kunstmuseum in reference to the current photography exhibition by Guido Mangold. “All evening long, until 11 p.m., visitors will have the opportunity to see seven other outstanding video productions by Mathias Bossler, Viola Konrad, Andrea Maier, Nico Kalisch, Nakhon Phimmasane and Christopher Vogt in the Kunstmuseum, in addition to the presentations in the building,” says Herbert Moser, head of the Media Design programme, who selected the films together with Kunstmuseum Director Dr Nicole Fritz.
“The videos are not only artistically valuable,” Nicole Fritz is pleased about the first cooperation of this kind, “it is also exciting to see how the films of the young creatives enter into a dialogue with the Mangold exhibition in different ways and make us see the historical snapshots with new eyes.”