The artistic project »beambike« allows for an experience of art in public space in a sustainable way. Equipped with his electric cargo bike and mobile projection technology, Jonas Denzel artistically stages urban places such as bridges, statues, trees or subways. Urban settings – even those that seem rather unspectacular at first – are staged with projections that integrate into the surroundings and are spontaneously mapped onto the respective objects. As a pop-up contribution to the art night and at the same time as a warm-up for our media design exhibition UN:KNOWN, the various exhibition locations in the city centre will be staged with site-specific projections. 23. September 2022, 18-23 Uhr at Kunstnacht/Art Night Ravensburg.

Jonas Denzel (*1990) is a filmmaker and visual artist with a focus on projection mapping, video installation and documentary film. After graduating in media design from DHBW Ravensburg, he received a Fulbright scholarship in 2016 and studied film and media arts at Temple University in Philadelphia. In 2018, Denzel completed his Master’s degree in »Time-based Media« at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences with distinction. This was followed by commissioned works for public, urban spaces in Karlsruhe and Weimar, among others. At the Schlosslichtspiele 2018, Denzel transformed the Karlsruhe Castle into a light-sound-body with his work »hands-on«. The artist lives and works in Karlsruhe.