Nicolas Bernklau and Tobias Müller received an award for their bachelor thesis “illitera“. Also honored were Tilman Koppert and Viola Konrad for “Die Maschine”, Louisa Früngel’s “f-word” and the animated film “KOMØD” by Annick Buhr, Annika Saum and Janina Schmidt. Laura Klinke for “loveyourselffirst.project” and Mona Bianca Dürer for “ixen” can put a bronze nail on their shelf. Silver was awarded to “Grandstories” by Nicolas Bernklau, Tobias Müller, Viola Konrad and Tilman Koppert, “Wortgewalt” by Victoria Töpper and “1490x JETZT” by Christina Brandl. The Golden Nail and the Grand Prix for the best term paper of the year went to “Artificial Blues” by Jochen Wiech, Kerstin End, Christina Brandl and Kevin Jung, who enjoyed the following laudation from the ADC jury:

“When will we grant Artificial Intelligence dignity? The work convinces us through the power of the artistic idea. And thus it stands out from the often too pompous and overlaid environment. History repeating – a historical workers’ song, robotic work processes placed in series and the interactive involvement of the viewer, who tempts the machines into disobedient reactions when they are not observed, gives a glimpse back into the future, so to speak. Turning the tables – and thus unleashing an irrepressible symbolic power. This is the high art of communication.”