What role(s) can design play in a changing society? This is the central question being asked in the recent publication “Design der Zukunft” (Designing the future/The future of design). Within a series of contributions, the book discusses concepts such as DIY-Design, Post-Digitality, Design Thinking, Social Design and Utopia Design.
Jana Herwig and students are welcoming film and media researcher Cornelia Lund (University of Hamburg), art- and design researcher Holger Lund (DHBW Ravensburg) as well as the communication designer Klaus Birk (DHBW Ravensburg).
Based on the publication, thoughts on post-digitality in design will be developed further, while taking a closer look e.g. at current music videos. Is post-digitality just another expression of a counter-approach to an otherwise digitally pervaded life? Or is the concept providing a useful theoretical impulse for the design and/or analysis of media?

The book “Design der Zukunft” (2014), edited by Cornelia and Holger Lund, is documenting the results of two symposiums held at DHBW Ravensburg in 2012 and 2013. Klaus Birk and Jana Herwig are both contributing authors of the publication.