Women still do not make it to the top of their professions, wherever in the world. This means that an inestimable amount of potential remains unused in business and science. How can we change this? We discuss in order to identify causes and develop concrete solutions. Because we are certain that universities can (and should) make an important contribution to preparing students for their professional lives on an equal footing.

We invite you to the GTG Lab on 7 February! Inform and educate, develop solutions, take responsibility, help shape the future – at eye level.

This lab is to be seen as a continuation and consolidation of the GTG Symposium 2020 with the aim of identifying students’ needs and finding and implementing concrete solutions. Hands on!

The Gender Tech Gap Symposium and Lab are event formats of the equal opportunity officers of the DHBW Ravensburg and the network of female professors. Organized by the study program Media Design. Direction of the symposium Prof. Andrea Hennig and the designer Betty Schimmelpfennig.

Organization Board:
Betty Schimmelpfennig, Sabrina Scherzinger, Johannes Müllerleile as well as Leonie Alber, Vanessa Brotzmann, Franziska Engel, Viviane Reckert and Jessica Schuster. Design realization: Alicia Cataldo, Corinna Scholz. Concept and design creation: Alicia Cataldo, Corinna Scholz, Natascha Jokic, Simon Schäffeler, Teresa Kundrus. Thanks to the students MD18A, MD17A1 and MD17A2.