Three students of the Media Design programme at DHBW Ravensburg have won the German Youth Film Prize! The animation short film »Unlocky« by Natalie Friedrich, Annalena Greger and Ronja Krohz is one of the nine winners selected from around 600 short films. The plot: A funny story about love locks, as they are today often seen on bridges and railings.

The jury of the German Youth Film Award praised the very unique animation style of the media design team, the hilarious and funny plot twists and the young creatives’ sense for detail.

The three and a half minutes of animation joy are the result of three months of laborious work. »Bridge« was the topic/key word of the brief for the main project during the fourth semester. The story of the three students: A love affair breaks up and Frida leaves Norbert. Norbert now tries in all sorts of ways to pick the lock of his past love. And in the process gets to know Emma – maybe a new beginning? Annalena Greger and Natalie Friedrich created the characters and animations manually and digitally, drawing no less than 2,700 individual frames. Ronja Krohz was responsible for sound design.

The teams creativity and ambition has already been awarded at the film festival »abgedreht« in 2019 and recently at the Art Directors Club Germany awards 2020, now being followed by the prestigious German Youth Film Award.

»Unlocky« can be seen online at www.bundesfestival.deuntil 28 June.