During the design process, we as designers are in constant dialog. Not only with clients or specialists, but also with the social environment or new technologies. This dialogue is crucial so that the message can be communicated in the best possible way.

The two Zurich designers Patrik Ferrarelli and David Büsser will show exemplary commissioned works and teaching projects in which dialogue plays a decisive role. The presentation will be followed by a short exchange of ideas with the audience, during which the following questions will be discussed:

– Does dialogue determine design?
– When does the dialogue with the client end?
– Does the designer become an artist in dialogue with himself?
– Can design initiate a dialogue?

David Büsser
David Büsser is founder and design director of Reform, a branding and design studio based in Zurich. With Reform he develops identities, print products and digital solutions for brands, products and companies. He also advises companies, institutions and startups. He studied Visual Communication at the Zurich University of the Arts and worked for agencies in Switzerland and abroad. In addition to his professional activities, David Büsser is involved with self-initiated projects for socially relevant topics. His work has received international awards. Among others at “Die Schönsten Deutschen Bücher” as well as the renowned design awards “German Design Award” and “Red Dot Award: Communication Design”.

Patrik Ferrarelli
Patrik Ferrarelli is an independent visual designer living in Zurich. Before studying at the ZHdK Zurich, he worked at the Institute for Virtual Production at the ETH Zurich under Prof. Dr. Josef Reissner, where he was responsible for the conception and design of a multimedia lecture consisting of ten dissertations. During his studies he worked at Minddesign in London (Prof. Holger Jacobs, Hochschule Düsseldorf), where he realized projects in the field of visual identity. After the time as a leadership and teaching assistant in the Master of Arts in Design, Visual Communication at ZHdK, he leads different courses in interdisciplinary and exploratory design and teaches fundamentals of visual communication, such as editorial design, visual identities/branding and poster design. For the past three years, he has curated the exhibition of the “100 Best Posters Germany, Austria and Switzerland” in Zurich and is the main responsible for the #PosterLab of the Visual Communication department at ZHdK. In addition, Patrik conceives and designs various visual identities for conferences (e.g. digitaltag.zhdk.ch) in collaboration with the Institute for Design Research (IDE) and other departments at ZHdK. In June 2018, a selection of his posters was shown at “Swiss Design – Zurich Made, Emerging Talents from the Department Design, ZHdK” at Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen.