Berlin-based photo and video artists Graw Boeckler ( Ursula Boeckler & Georg Graw ) reflect upon their artistic methods using video examples of their work. A special focus will be set on the project Unauthorized Commercials. The video series formulates an independent, visual discourse about products – both with respect to the impact of products on our daily lives as well as the usage of these products.

Since 1996 Ursula Boeckler and Georg Graw work under the name Graw Boeckler in the fields of film, video and photography. Their work has been on display in various exhibitions and festivals at home and abroad. Since 2001 they run the “space for projection”, a platform for experimental video projects. Under the same name they curate a DVD label founded in 2003. Since 2010 they are members of the project space General Public in Berlin. In 2012 they were organizing the thematic Festival “After the crisis” throughout Europe.