The Changi Experience Studio opens up a new way of engaging with customers and telling a brand story: By using the superelevated leitmotif of a journey, Milla & Partner created a seamless visitor experience designed to let visitors explore the company’s DNA and its core messages and so strengthen the community´s ties with Changi Airport. Implementing a participative key interactive tool, the Travel Guide, visitors find themselves in a playful brand world offering numerous ways to explore the key messages whilst revelling in a massive responsive environment. Milla & Partner connects people with people, brands, products and themes. In spaces and through time—transforming communication into memorable experiences. Our agency is one of the leading agencies for spatial communication. In our office, lab and studio, we realise multi-dimensional projects and ensure that different communication disciplines successfully come together.

Thomas Frenzel is Creative Director and works on the experimental development of interactive formats, cross-media design as well as the media staging of installations, rooms and spatial sequences. As a graduate in 2006, he is part of the DHBW Alumni.

Robin Palleis is a partner and works as Creative Director to connect visitors with space, content and technology. His focus is on human-machine interaction and the holistic design of visitor experiences.