Visual music, expanded cinema, live cinema, VJing, live audiovisual performance – concepts
enough to create some confusion in the wide realm of today’s artistic audiovisual production. This is where The Audiovisual Breakthrough comes in: the book is the result of a collaborative project that brought together six international researchers with the view to untangle the reigning confusion regarding these terms. The event presents the book and its design; the discursive concepts are introduced by video examples.
The Audiovisual Breakthrough
Ana Carvalho, Cornelia Lund (eds.)
Articles by Ana Carvalho, Eva Fischer, Cornelia Lund, Gabriel Menotti, Adeena Mey, and a survey by Maria Pfeiffer
Design by Eva-Maria Offermann
Berlin, 2015


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Eva-Maria Offermann is a German designer whose work is based on concepts shifting between art and design. She has mainly concentrated on print design and shown her posters in design exhibitions around the world, garnering prizes from the Tokyo Type Director’s Club, the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont, the Taipei International Design Award, among several others. Offermann studied fine arts and design at Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, receiving her degree in communication design in 2012. Since then she has been running her own studio, while also taking up work as a visual communications assistant at Kunsthochschule Kassel the following year ( und


Cornelia Lund is an art and media theorist and curator living in Berlin. Since 2004, she has been co-director of fluctuating images, a platform for media art and design with a focus on audiovisual artistic production. Currently, she is research fellow in a DFG research project on German documentary film at the University of Hamburg. For many years she has been teaching design theory at various universities, such as the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, University of Applied Sciences Hamburg, and the University of the Arts Bremen. Cornelia Lund is co-editor, together with Holger Lund, of Audio.Visual: On Visual Music and Related Media (Arnoldsche, 2009) and Design der Zukunft (AV Edition, 2014). She is also co-editor of The Audiovisual Breakthrough (2015) and the online platform Post-Digital Culture (


Poster Design: Paul Brenner