The real-time visualizations were created in Semester 3 in the Media Design course. Tuned to the sound, the interactive visuals are generated and projected into the hall – an interplay of acoustic and optical forms of expression, just like the cooperation between Jazztime e.V. and the DHBW Ravensburg.

Participating students* around Clarissa Cohausz, Paul Roth, Melissa Eyb, Josefa Rackl, Michelle Acosta and Catia Oesterreich, as well as professors Simon Gallus and Mathias Hassenstein will be present.


Already the appearance of the LJF was created in the course of study Media Design:


“You can immediately hear that the musicians of “Me & Mobi” have studied jazz – but most of all you can directly feel their distinct affinity to electronic music! And what could be more obvious than combining the two?
The Bern-based “Me & Mobi” are much more successful at this than most established musicians who have tried their hand at this task – no wonder, they grew up with electronic dance music (EDM) and are much closer to it! How do they say it themselves? “Simple on a large scale, nested on a small scale”. That’s right, and it’s extremely exciting what Philipp Schlotter, who comes from Ravensburg, is doing here with piano, synthesizers and various electronic sound generation equipment. Swiss drummer Fred Bürki is a congenial partner.

Support: SixtoneszZ.”