Unconventional ideas and subjects that encourage rethinking, all packed in 18 minutes – that is how the TED talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design) became a huge success especially in the U.S. The TEDx program as a derivate supports independently organized offshoots worldwide, providing local platforms for inspirational ideas.
In June 2014, the third TEDxBodensee took place in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Under the theme of “Change of course – regional approaches to climate change” guest speakers included our Media Design alumni Shoko Hara and Paul Brenner.
They presented their award-winning short film “Abita“, an animation about the consequences of the Fukushima catastrophe. Originally developed for their bachelor’s thesis, the film was highly successful in many short film festivals and awards worldwide. In the spirit of TED’s motto “Ideas worth spreading” their talk focused on how design and creative work can provide social impulse and initiate re-thinking and change.


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