Picktune Radio by Ravensburg DJ and label operator Martin Georgi offers a musical search for previously unknown or unjustly little noticed vinyl treasures. There is exciting music of many kinds from all continents to discover.

But the focus is not only on discovering individual finds, but also on global relationships and connections of groove, sound, songwriting or political-social aspects. In other words, the fabric of pop music across cultures, which the radio producer also stands for as the son of a mother from Sri Lanka and a father from the UK.

Picktune Radio Shop introduces its new format, “Masters @ Work.” Every third show will feature a guest from the multi-faceted music culture. Interviews, vinyl stories, insider chatter and science about a friend that never leaves us (the music) will be the focus of the show.

The program is determined depending on the guest (label maker, producer, DJ, author…). Holger Lund, art and design scholar at the DHBW Ravensburg as well as DJ and curator, will kick things off. He runs the pop-historical music label Global Pop First Wave, with a focus on Turkish pop music of the 1960s and 1970s.

Picktune Radio’s website was designed by media design alumni Johannes Kuhn and Lukas Jakel, who now operate under the name Studios yvjo in Hamburg.