The series “The Bigger Picture” is dedicated to social developments and contexts that are relevant for creative thinking and acting. So far, this has been done with films on the question of poverty as an economic resource in Africa, colonialism as the production of second-class people, the work of cartels in Mexico and the USA, and creative explosions in the German provinces and intermediate zones in New York.

With the sixth issue of “The Bigger Picture” we turn to the global, in the form of globalization and the de-globalization that is currently beginning or emerging. How does globalization work? Who benefits from it, who suffers from it? Where are designers? And where is the question of justice to be located when obscene wealth is gained and at the same time extreme poverty is produced? What are the logics behind this and how can they be decouvered or turned around? The recently deceased sociologist Zygmunt Bauman tried to find answers in a documentary film.

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