In this years Red Dot Award Communication Design, two of the coveted “Best of the Best” Awards went to Ravensburg!

The transmedia image campaign “Stuttgart – simply colourful”, a semester project by Annika Hess, Fabian Karrer, Vera Oberlader and Romana Wieser, as well as the video debut “Roaring Silence” by Viola Konrad both convinced the international jury. Each project was honoured with a Red Dot Best of the Best for exceptional design quality.

From a total of 7451 entries in the communication design competition, 568 entries were labeled with a Red Dot, and another 81 with a Red Dot Best of the Best for highest design quality. 32 of these went to German agencies, design studios and institutions.

During a grand winner gala in Berlin on 6th November 2015, the final winners of the Red Dot Grand Prix and the Junior Prize (worth €10 000) will be announced. All winner projects will be on display in the exhibition “Design on Stage”, touring worldwide through design cities such as Essen, Berlin, Xiamen, Taipeh or Singapore.