CmdE is the name of the design magazine published by the media designers at DHBW Ravensburg, in which they reflect on design from both a research and a practical perspective. For this, professors Andrea Hennig and Dr. Markus Rathgeb have now been awarded the Science and Transfer Prize of the City of Ravensburg. The prize is awarded every year to students or professors at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Ravensburg.

The city of Ravensburg honors the transfer of knowledge with the Science and Transfer Prize, which is endowed with 1000 euros and was awarded this year by the First Mayor Simon Blümcke. The design magazine CmdE came out on top this time – the title refers to the keyboard shortcut eject. At the award ceremony, Blümcke praised the impulses that the DHBW Ravensburg repeatedly sets in the city. The work of the DHBW media designers particularly impressed the mayor, “according to the ranking of the Art Directors Club, the DHBW is currently the fourth most creative university in Germany”. Glamour that also falls on the city of Ravensburg.

“The design magazine CmdE is a dialogue between the stakeholders of the dual study program,” says Prof. Dr. Markus Rathgeb. Professors are involved in it just as much as students, alumni, companies and lecturers. A magazine in print, “old-fashioned and thus almost a provocation,” as Prof. Andrea Hennig explained. And yet an experimental format that gives all players their freedom. In his laudatory speech, Prof. Dr. Birk described what matters most to the media designers at DHBW Ravensburg – a creative and reflective attitude. This is the only way to create design “that has an effect and changes – not only in the form of aesthetic objects, but also as a formative moment in society,” said Rathgeb. Design and attitude was the theme of one of the issues of CmdE, and the currently planned magazine will deal with transformation.

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