Es ist alles eitel

  • Marius Müller
  • Bachelor thesis, Graphic, Transmedia
  • Supervisors:Prof Dr Klaus Birk, Prof Betty Schimmelpfennig, Shoko Hara, Paul Brenner

»It is all vanity« Andreas Gryphius writes in his sonnet. Vanity (transience) – as Luther translated it – poses many questions: How do we value memories? Which information is worthless? And in what context do they relate to each other?

In a mixture of journalistic research and creative meditation, a microcosm of bizarre and bygone contemporary documents emerges – a reading in the dichotomy between obsolescence and preservation. The work, consisting of 23 individual fragments, illustrates the dystopia of decay as well as the subjectivity of collecting: unusable magnetic tape archives of NASA, patient files of the Alcor Life Extension Foundation and computer-generated faces – a panopticon of what is left behind.

IG: @marus.mueller

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