Median Grotesk / Möglichkeiten einer Welt

  • Hannes Drißner, Daniel Zenker
  • Bachelor thesis, Graphic
  • Supervisors:Prof Dr Klaus Birk, Prof Betty Schimmelpfennig, Prof Martin Hesselmeier, Thomas Sali MA

A look at the past, present and future. The typeface Median Grotesk is an attempt to capture a typographic state of the “now”. A cross-section of sans serif typeface history in the here and now. In addition to determining and designing the Regular, Italic and Reverse cuts, these were used in a book with accompanying specimen. The type specimen serves to introduce the character set and explains how the script came into being, while the book expands the framework through selected texts to include scientific, pop-cultural and social themes that are set in the context of more or less well-known predictions about the future. Just as every typeface (re)design is itself a prognosis; for permanence, applicability and endurance.

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