• Marvin Stegmann, Maximilian Wölfl
  • Bachelor thesis, Transmedia
  • Supervisors:Prof Herbert Moser, Prof Dr Holger Lund, Florian Tscharf, Fabian Karrer

Mold is gross! But often this reaction denies the option to deal with mold and engage in examining the positive aspects. Leaving aside the disgust, mold has a high aesthetic value. In the project sofas are presented, which are provided with mold optics. With the help of a configurator, the viewer can create a unique piece that questions the perception of the mold aesthetic. A luxury product is created from the original disgust.

The product is composed of two components – the furniture itself and the mold cover. For the manufacture of the sofa is used fungal material, this is a substrate of fungal mycelium and agricultural waste such as hemp, flax and corn stalk husks. The mold cover itself is made of fabric. In the process, an exchange of materials occurs – the sofa is ultimately made of fungus and the mold is made of fabric. This creates the impression that the sofa is moldy, but does so without any health concerns or other negative consequences.

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