Wow: 508! This was the impressive number of submissions to the eighth international competition for young designers – aed “neuland” 2021. The projects came from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Russia, Belarus and Mexico and were judged in five categories: “Architecture + Engineering”, “Exhibition Design + Interior Design”, “Product Design”, “Communication Design” and “Interaction Design”.

Media design graduate Sebastian Winter has now received a recognition award in this exciting competition for young designers for his bachelor thesis “Die Hitzeinsel Stuttgart”.

Heat islands describe the difference in temperature between a city and its surrounding area. Especially in summer, the heat can build up and reduce our quality of life. The website “Die Hitzeinsel Stuttgart” seeks to relate to citizens and puts the information to be conveyed into the context of their immediate environment. In six interactive chapters, one’s own location is being analysed and explained in relation to relevant factors. Each chapter also presents initiatives in which citizens can actively participate.

Jury statement:
“Die Hitzeinsel Stuttgart” is an interactive website that aims to make the effects of so-called “heat islands” in the Stuttgart area visible. The jury particularly highlights the city-wide campaign that Sebastian Winter used to raise awareness of his website among Stuttgart’s citizens.

The project was supervised by Prof. Dr. Klaus Birk, Nicolas Bernklau, Martin Hesselmeier, Thomas Sali, Betty Schimmelpfennig, in cooperation with Stadtlücken e. V..

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