Climate change, armed conflicts, social injustice, nationalist tendencies, migration. The world is on fire and humanity faces enormous challenges. One thing is certain: most things have to change radically to allow a more just and liveable future for all. In such times of crisis, how can we still seriously work as designers? And how can we remain optimistic and creative in the process? Simon Wahlers seeks answers to these questions and tries to put them into practice with Zweifel/doubt.

Simon Wahlers, born in 1986 and raised in Ravensburg, studied graphic and communication design at FH Vorarlberg, Minneapolis College of Art and Design and HAW Hamburg. He has been self-employed as a Communication Designer since 2013 and has taught at various universities. His works combine design with social responsibility. In 2021 he founded the studio »Zweifel für kritische Gestaltung« and a publishing house for distinct printed matter with an attitude.

In addition to the Lunchtime Talk, Simon will also offer an expert workshop on graphic design and activism in the Media Design degree programme.