An architect or composer – just as a writer or painting artist – face the same challenges: to bring a wealth of individual parts in relation to each other and create co-existence. Every artistic discipline has its priorities to recognize this and to “translate” between these priorities can be a very inspiring endeavor.
In his lecture, Michael Cede tries to let music become more visible and architecture more audible.

Michael Cede received his musical education at the Conservatory of Innsbruck (Prof. Renwart) and in Salzburg, Munich and Paris with Count I. Auer, M. Kofler, Ph. Boucly, E. Pahud, P. Meisen, M. Moragues among others. In 1998 he was awarded the Tyrolean music promotion price and started a career as a soloist and chamber musician (with M. Öttl, KH contactor, J. Aarsen, R. Fankhauser, D. Keilhack, with wind power, TENM, the Austrian Ensemble for New Music OENM and many others). He was a member of the Stuttgart Philharmonic, SWD Philharmonic, Symphony Orchestra St. Gallen, and the Tyrolean Symphony Orchestra Innsbruck for over 4 years.
In 2003, he completed a second degree in architecture and began giving lectures and creating exhibitions and workshops on architecture and music. Since 2008 he is a lecturer at the Tyrolean State Conservatory.


Michael Cede at the Tiroler Landeskonservatorium