“Documentary film history, like feature film history, has been dominated by men … This is also true of its historiography. Women have always made films under adverse conditions, have been less often noticed …” (Inga Selck, film scholar)

The artist group/production company “Böller und Brot” realized as a two-woman team (Sigrun Köhler / Wiltrud Baier) a total of seven award-winning cinema documentaries since 2000. In doing so, they have dealt with older men surprisingly often: Their first documentary together was about Sigrun’s 100-year-old grandfather who kills time and flies (HOW TIME FLIES, 2000), followed by the bank director of the last bank without a computer (SCHOTTER WIE HEU, 2003), a Swabian missionary sent to the new German states after missionary service in Papua New Guinea (DER GROSSE NAVIGATOR, 2007), a rock star without a pension, the drummer of Frank Zappa (WHERE’S THE BEER AND WHEN DO WE GET PAID? 2013), to finally arrive at a woman, the writer Sibylle Berg (WER HAT ANGST VOR SIBYLLE BERG, 2015).
A workshop discussion with Böller und Brot about documentary filmmaking, women and humor.