Whether oversized or in pocket format, whether hard or soft cover, whether hand-set in letterpress or as an interactive e-book: a book is always an experience in which content, form and material ideally complement each other to create something completely new. The Hermann Schmidt publishing house stands for this interplay like no other publishing house in Germany. In addition to fine-tuning the content, he always places special emphasis on book design and loving production, printed in Germany with Love.

How do initial ideas become excellent books?
How do university theses become publishing projects and career boosters?
How do you find extravagant book cover materials, how do you convince bookbinders to dare something new and why does a publisher do this?
Is it worth it or does it break the budget?
Do customers notice the difference?


Karin Schmidt-Friderichs is coming to Ravensburg on 1 June with a boot full of books. At noon for lunch with the students. In the evening for a public dinner lecture. She will show different stages of the project and give an insight into the publishing work in love with books. And she introduces the philosophy behind the Schmidt books: Publishing is just more than publishing: It is the loving polishing of a rough diamond into a brilliant book that, in the best case, makes eyes shine.


Hermann Schmidt Publishing House, Mainz


A joint event of the Anna Rahm bookshop and the DHBW Media Design course.