CUMULUS is the only global association to serve art and design education and research. It is a forum for partnership and transfer of knowledge and best practices. After receiving numerous design awards and top national ranking, this comes as an international knighthood for Media Design Ravensburg.

Becoming CUMULUS member requires various qualifications, such as operating successfully in a strong international network as well as providing convincing references from at least two international CUMULUS members. In its application Media Design was supported by KEA Copenhagen and ULAP Rovaniemi, two academic partner enjoying longstanding mutual exchange with Ravensburg.

Over the past 20 years Media Design’s diverse international contacts have been in care of Markus Rathgeb, Head of Department. In close cooperation with the university’s International Office, Media Design students can currently choose from exchange programs of about 15 partner universities in order to extend their academic experience.

Technically, this years CUMULUS General Assembly should have taken place in Rome, bringing together all 340 existing and new members. However, due to COVID19 restrictions the assembly had to be organized from Helsinki head quarter as an online ZOOM meeting, including a new member’s fair on MIRO.

Becoming aware of the new member Media Design Ravensburg, many CUMULUS members were excited about the DHBW dual study program where academic studies and work placements interact as equal parts. In fact, by combining theory and practice consistently, the DHBW provides a truely sustainable study program.