In the Medina district is a place that has served as a site of collective exchange and a creative center since the 1960s, Espace Médina. It is constantly in transformation and currently houses an artistic-discursive project space, a goat shed on a balcony, a fashion studio across from the goats, a workshop space, and a mosque. And everything has to do with each other, following an idea of collective exchange and empowerment through collectivity to develop a socio-economic post-capitalism that is generally more developed in Africa than in the Western world, not least because the various disasters (colonialism, climate change, resource barriers) take hold here sooner and harder. And with it the need for alternatives. The aim is to explore these alternatives, starting from the creative scene in Dakar. This concerns especially the handling of animals, materials, communities and their differences, on the basis of a distinct localism and a post-design approach.

The Play Session will refer to research results related to the Dakar residency of the research and exhibition project “Connecting Afro Futures. Fashion x Hair x Design,” a project of the Museum of Decorative Arts, National Museums in Berlin, funded by the Fonds TURN of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.
Special thanks to the curatorial team of the research and exhibition project, Claudia Banz (Museum of Decorative Arts, National Museums in Berlin), Cornelia Lund (fluctuating images), and Beatrace Angut Oola (Fashion Africa Now).

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