Fabian Karrer, Media Design 2015 graduate, received a bronze nail for his final project “Tu das nicht”. DHBW Media Design alumni Florian Tscharf and Stefan Wittemann were even pleased to receive gold for their fictional advertising campaign for “Fukushima Water”.

The competition of the Art Directors Club für Deutschland (ADC) e. V. looks for the best creative works published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland every year. It is one of the largest and most important creative competitions in the German-speaking world. The best ideas in the fields of advertising, design, editorial, audiovisual and digital media as well as spatial staging that inspire both experts and the public alike are honoured.
An important concern is the promotion of talents, supported by a competition for young talents. And not a year goes by without the media designers of the DHBW Ravensburg getting involved and winning nail after nail.

Fabian Karrer has now contributed a bronze copy for his final project “Tu das nicht”. In it, he dealt thoroughly with the topic of embarrassment. He clearly crossed the shame threshold seven times, danced with frozen goods in the supermarket, stuffed his dirty laundry into the washing machines at Saturn, made his debut at a poetry slam – and won, even a face tattoo and a talentless pop ballad including a music video were not to be missed. Of course, all of this has spread many times over social media and led to an exciting stocktaking of the current shame culture – and now to the appreciation by the ADC jury. His works, including “Tu das nicht”, can be found at www.fabiankarrer.de.


Two alumni of the DHBW’s media design course also impressed at ADC 2016 and won gold with their fictional advertising campaign for “Fukushima Water”. A project that had already caused a sensation last year with reports in the Guardian and Wirtschaftswoche. Fukushima Water promises to deliver 30 percent more energy than a conventional energy drink. And this is made possible by the unique addition of caesium 137, the substance that is produced during the nuclear fission of uranium. It is possible that a sip of Fukushima Water will stick in the throat of some people. But the “manufacturers” are of course seriously hoping to conquer the world market with the drink. DHBW graduates Florian Tscharf and Stefan Wittemann as well as Kenzi Benabdallah have devised a fictitious advertising campaign for this fictitious drink. “The product should be absurd so that people take notice and talk about it,” says Kenzi Benabdallah. And they succeeded! The film can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGHD3pqkKmk


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