Letters Are My Friends is a concept store for typography right in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg. A place where analogue and digital type meet with emerging technologies: – We call it TYPE ’n’ TECH! One part of ‘Letters Are My Friends’ is a cosy showroom where letter relationships can be experienced in a physical space and progressive way. The other part consists of a production label: design studio vs. prototyping lab. We present applied typography in a dazzling variety:
Peripherical perforated paper projections, spacy letterboxing, type’n’motion voxel folding, 3D ink raycasting, turntypetablelism, dolby surround fatcap-tracking, tasty toasted gpu fonts, trigonometric triangle trading and of course some serious conversations about language, its aesthetics and the future of writing.

Bärbel Bold’s heart is rooted in experimental lettering type illustration and graphic design. She has profound experience in the field of Type’n’Motion as a director and motion designer. Additionally of LAMF’s type & tech topics she is running her own production & motiondesign studio NINDUSTRICT for the last 10 years and is teaching at KISD Cologne and ZHdK Zürich. As a networker and researcher by nature, she’s deeply tied to the media, tech & art scene. She postgraduated at Filmakademie Baden Württemberg.