Unusual ideas need space, courage and a bit of madness. As part of our Lunchtime Talk series, Daniel Naegele and Cuno von Hahn will take you on a tour through unconventional approaches, creative work processes and some kicker tricks while talking about their everyday work in an interdisciplinary team.

KMS BLACKSPACE designs and develops fascinating brand experiences and touchpoints. In the Blackspace Daniel Naegele and Cuno von Hahn bring brands to life in the disciplines of spatial communication, motion design and customer experience design. They develop successful and award-winning brand showcases, trade shows and events, shops and showrooms, corporate buildings, exhibitions, museums, and cross-over activities for businesses and organizations of every size and industry .

KMS BLACKSPACE – together with KMS and KMS TEAM MINDSHIFT – form Germany’s largest privately owned brand agency group with more than 120 employees under one roof and 30 years of experience in dynamic brand design.