The conception of the symposium is based on the observation that tasks, structures and options of design are changing to the extent that economic, technological and social changes are currently affecting societies with high pressure and high speed. Based on current developments, what kind of world will we encounter in 10, 20 or 30 years? What role will design play in it?
Scientists from various disciplines as well as designers, architects, artists and musicians will pursue questions of the future and design issues at the event. The aim is to combine the futurological sensibility of practitioners – which can also be speculative – with the reflexive competence of scientific theorists in order to develop scenarios and arrive at options for thought and action that can be derived from them.

The results of the event will be summarized in a publication at avedition, which is scheduled to appear in 2014.
Aspects such as do-it-yourself design, post-digitality, design thinking, social design, utopia design and many more will be addressed. Future social scenarios are illuminated here in a variety of ways, with the core question being: how will societies develop and what role will design play in them? The editors Cornelia Lund (University of Hamburg/FH Vorarlberg Dornbirn) and Holger Lund (DHBW Ravensburg) bring together contributions from various academic disciplines as well as from the practice of design, architecture and art. The authors include Klaus Birk, Brave New Alps, Petra Eisele, Angela Haas, Ansgar Häfner, Jana Herwig, Thorsten Kluß, Mona Mahall, Hubert Matt, Philipp Meier, Asli Serbest, Thomas Weber. Design: Eva-Maria Offermann.

The symposium “Design of the Future II” on April 26 and 27, 2013 is the second event on this topic:
The first event took place on June 02 and 03, 2012: