Between two exhibitions, during the rebuilding phase, the Kunstmuseum opens its doors and invites you to the new UNDER CONSTRUCTION series. In each case, a film with a musical connection will be presented, followed by a DJ set. The focus of the series is on more experimental film formats beyond the dominant, western-centred cinema view and music mainstream. The aim of the series is to strengthen film and music culture in Ravensburg and the region from an art cinema perspective.
The film presentation will be preceded by an introduction by film scholar Dr. Cornelia Lund (fluctuating images, Berlin), followed by a DJ set by DJ Jaywalk (aka Prof. Dr. Holger Lund, Global Pop First Wave, Berlin) and Martin Georgi (Seismographic Records, Stuttgart), which will take the film as a starting point for a musical journey into the corresponding music cultures.
The series opens with the queer, afrofuturistic sci-fi musical Neptune Frost (director: Saul Williams, Anisia Uzeyman; RW/USA 2021). Music, mysticism, anti-colonial hacktivism and the ultra-cool outfits of Rwandan designer Cedric Mizero become the driving forces of a rebellion against oppressive regimes of a political and social nature. The DJ set is dedicated to historical, present and future Afrofuturist music. Points of contact are, on the one hand, the music projects of the director and musician Saul Williams, and on the other hand, the film’s musical connections to the Ugandan label collective Nyege Nyege as well as Martin Georgi’s collaboration with the Congolese rapper Orakle Ngoy.

Curated by Cornelia Lund and Holger Lund. Supported by: MFG Baden-Württemberg, LFK – Die Medienanstalt für Baden- Württemberg, Wolfram Stiftung.