The five winners of the Bildungspreis of the Education Foundation of the Kreissparkasse Ravensburg are the DHBW Studiengang Mediendesign, the Kath. Kindertagesstätte Carlo Steeb in Ravensburg, the Grundschule Deuchelried, the Grundschule Haisterkirch and the Otl-Aicher-Realschule in Leutkirch.
At the award ceremony, each project was presented as a film and then honoured with a laudation by the Bildungsstiftung der Kreissparkasse Ravensburg.

The DHBW Ravensburg degree programme received the Education Award 2023 for the innovative and unique teaching concept “Creative Competition” for a course with a pedagogically-didactically well thought-out structure.

Concept and design of a design or communication solution for a task set by a third party (e.g. design of an advertising campaign) for participation in public competitions. Students are just as actively and intensively involved as DHBW lecturers and company partners of the Cooperative State University. The dovetailing of theory and practice as well as a strong orientation towards action play an important role and thus emphasise core features of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University.

The course is considered to be of particular social and didactic value because it integrates phases of formal and non-formal education, requires the use of innovative media for production and communication and favours interdisciplinary, cooperative and collaborative work by students, lecturers and dual partners in the processing of a real task.

Through the constant requirement to see oneself as a team player in an interdisciplinary team working in a coordinated way at different places and times, the course anticipates the demands of professional activity in the competitive advertising and media industry.

Awards strengthen the students’ self-perception, demonstrably promote their professional success, serve as a “self-evaluation” for the Media Design degree programme and its teachers, demonstrate the competitiveness of the study results and increase the visibility and attractiveness of the DHBW Ravensburg in public through top five positions in relevant university rankings.


The prize money will be used for the further development of the course as well as for the support of the participating students for e.g.: Submission fees, material costs, etc.



Student about participation in the GWA