The GWA Junior Agency is known as the most demanding university competition for marketing communications. Together with students from the business administration and health management course, our MdRV media designers have developed a campaign that is intended to counteract the decline in pharmacies.

The answer from Ravensburg is pill and prestige, two supposed opposite poles embodied as twins. After all, ratiopharm’s campaigns have been known for decades for their advertisements with twins. The rational “Pille” and the creative “Prestige” are the experts in a serial makeover project for pharmacies that is based on the personalities and skills of pharmacists. Stationary pharmacies should become more popular again through innovative ideas and specializations. From medicine for dogs to libido advice in a confessional booth to specialization in nutrient deficiencies in the form of fresh smoothies, everything is included. The jury rewarded this humorous, original and at the same time very well thought-out concept of making pharmacies fit for the future with silver.

The special thing about the GWA Junior Agency is that marketing and design students work together with advertising agencies to develop communication solutions and campaigns for real customers for the time of a whole semester. This year, the coaching agency was Die Crew, the customer was ratiopharm. These partner agencies coach and accompany the process – from research to strategic planning to creative implementation.

The Gesamtverband Kommunikationsagenturen GWA counts the best in their industry to its members. The DHBW Ravensburg’s young creative talent regularly performs excellently in this competition – 1st or 2nd place five times in six competitions. This year’s work was supervised by the media designers Prof. Herbert Moser, Prof. Mathias Hassenstein and Jule Raschke, and by business administration and health management professors Prof. Dr. Maren Müller and Prof. Dr. Melanie Deutmeyer.

Missed the presentation? Team Ravensburg can be seen on YouTube from hour 4:15!