Space is defined not only by the four walls with ceiling and floor, but by a variety of soft and hard factors. We see ourselves working in a field of tension based on these factors. Each room can be re-thought, upgraded or converted. The concept of “tuning” is the driving force for change in all forms of architecture.


A city is not just the sum of houses, streets and squares, it also consists of social order, relationships and memories. How can a city be thought of scenographically? This question is discussed on the basis of several different projects — from participatory temporary installations in public space to model-like, urban situations within interior spaces.


Peanutz architects understand architecture as designing social structures. In their own words they deal with “every kind of architecture and space. Our theory Relates to several ‘design-performative’ projects, where we create laboratory conditions in which we can test the ‘space of action’. In this space we simulate Particular interventions, functions or services did feed our experiments. From there we have developed the strategy of TUNING for enhancing the use of a structure”.
Peanutz architects are known for their situational interventions in public space as a social construct, but also for exceptional museum and exhibition design with an emphasis on interactivity.